Advanced Digital Marketing Course

    Advanced Digital Marketing Course

    Transform into a highly sought-after, versatile digital marketer spearheading customer-centric approaches and driving business expansion.

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    Program Overview

    Coaching by Industry Experts

    Online Video Classes

    5+ Case Studies and Live Projects

    20+ Tools

    Certification on course completion

    Top Skills You Will Aquire

    SEO, SSEM, Social Media, Content Marketing, Branding and Analytics

    Job Opportunities

    1. Digital Marketing Manager
    2. SEM Manager
    3. SEO Specialist
    4. Social Media and Content Manager
    5. Associate Digital Marketing

    Who Should Take This Course?

    1. Marketing Professionals
    2. Business Owners
    3. Students
    4. Entrepreneurs
    5. Freelancers

    Tools You Will Learn


    Week 1: Introduction to Digital Marketing

    • Introduction to Advanced Digital Marketing
    • Setting Strategic Goals and Objectives
    • Market Research and Competitive Analysis

    Week 2: Search Engine Optimization

    • Basics of on-page SEO and website performance optimization
    • Advanced Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
    • Understanding website architecture, layout, and design principles
    • Technical SEO Optimization
    • Advanced Keyword Research and Analysis

    Week 3: Paid Advertising

    • Advanced Paid Advertising Techniques
    • Google Ads: Advanced Campaign Setup and Optimization
    • Facebook Ads: Advanced Targeting and Ad Optimization

    Week 4: Social Media Marketing

    • Advanced Social Media Marketing Strategies
    • Influencer Marketing and Partnerships
    • Social Media Advertising: Advanced Tactics and Campaign Optimization

    Week 5: Content Marketing

    • Advanced Content Marketing Strategies
    • Content Planning and Strategy Development
    • Content Promotion and Distribution Techniques

    Week 6: Email Marketing

    • Advanced Email Marketing
    • List Building and Segmentation
    • Email Automation and Personalization

    Week 7: Conversion Optimization

    • Advanced Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO)
    • Landing Page Optimization
    • A/B Testing and Data Analysis

    Week 8: Analytics

    • Advanced Google Analytics and Data-driven Insights
    • Tracking and Measurement
    • Advanced Reporting and Analysis Techniques

    Week 9: Mobile Marketing

    • Advanced Mobile Marketing Strategies
    • Mobile App Marketing and Optimization
    • Location-based Marketing

    Week 10: Video Marketing

    • Advanced Video Marketing
    • YouTube Marketing Strategies
    • Video Optimization and Promotion

    Week 11: Online Reputation Management

    • Advanced Social Media Listening and Monitoring
    • Online Reputation Management
    • Crisis Management in Digital Marketing

    Week 12: Affiliate Marketing

    • Advanced Affiliate Marketing
    • Affiliate Network Selection and Management
    • Performance Tracking and Optimization

    Week 13: Marketing Automation

    • Advanced Marketing Automation
    • Customer Relationship Management (CRM) Integration
    • Workflow Automation and Personalization

    Week 14: E-commerce Marketing

    • Advanced E-commerce Strategies
    • E-commerce SEO and Conversion Optimization
    • E-commerce Analytics and Retention Strategies

    Week 15: Local SEO

    • Advanced Local SEO Techniques
    • Local Business Listings and Citations
    • Reputation Management for Local Businesses

    Week 16:

    • Emerging Trends in Digital Marketing
    • Voice Search and AI-powered Marketing
    • Future of Digital Marketing