Advanced Digital Media Planning Course

A highly sought after course by Digital Marketing Specialists to get the know hows of digital media buying and selling.

    Advanced Digital Media Planning Course

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    Program Overview

    Coaching by Industry Experts

    Online Video Classes

    5+ Case Studies and Live Projects

    10+ Tools

    Certification on course completion

    Week 1: Introduction to Media Planning

    • Understanding the role of media planning in digital marketing
    • Overview of media buying and selling processes
    • Introduction to media planning tools and platforms

    Week 2: Target Audience Analysis

    • Conducting market research to identify target audience demographics and preferences
    • Defining target audience segments for effective media planning
    • Utilizing data and analytics to understand audience behavior

    Week 3: Media Channels and Platforms

    • Exploring different media channels and platforms available for advertising
    • Evaluating the strengths and weaknesses of each channel
    • Understanding the audience reach and engagement levels of various platforms

    Week 4: Media Buying Strategies

    • Developing effective media buying strategies based on campaign objectives
    • Negotiating media rates and securing optimal placements
    • Monitoring and optimizing media buys for maximum ROI

    Week 5: Social Media Planning

    • Understanding the role of social media in media planning
    • Creating social media strategies to align with campaign goals
    • Leveraging social media platforms for targeted advertising and brand promotion

    Week 6: Ad Formats and Creative Development

    • Exploring various ad formats and their suitability for different media channels
    • Designing compelling creatives and ad copies for maximum impact
    • A/B testing and optimizing ad creatives for improved performance

    Week 7: Budgeting and ROI Analysis

    • Budget allocation and management in media planning
    • Calculating ROI and evaluating campaign effectiveness
    • Measuring key performance indicators (KPIs) for media planning success

    Week 8: Campaign Optimization and Reporting

    • Implementing tracking and analytics tools for campaign monitoring
    • Analyzing campaign data to identify optimization opportunities
    • Creating comprehensive campaign reports and presenting findings