Fundamentals Of Digital Marketing

Transform into a highly sought-after, versatile digital marketer spearheading customer-centric approaches and driving business expansion.

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    32 hours. Online. 4 hours/week


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    Program Overview

    Coaching by Industry Experts
    Online Video Classes
    5+ Case Studies and Live Projects
    10+ Tools
    Certification on course completion

    Top Skills You Will Learn

    SEO, SSEM, Social Media, Content Marketing, Branding and Analytics

    Job Opportunities

    Digital Marketing Manager, SEM Manager, SEO Specialist, Social Media and Content Manager, Associate Digital Marketing

    Who Should Take This Course?

    This course is ideal for:

    1. Marketing Professionals
    2. Business Owners
    3. Students
    4. Entrepreneurs
    5. Freelancers


    • Understanding the basics of digital marketing and its importance
    • Different channels of digital marketing and their significance
    • Setting up digital marketing goals and objectives
    • Creating and optimizing a website for better user experience
    • Understanding website architecture, layout, and design principles
    • Basics of on-page SEO and website performance optimization
    • Understanding how search engines work
    • Keyword research and analysis
    • On-page optimization and technical SEO
    • Link building strategies and tactics
    • Overview of social media platforms and their demographics
    • Developing a social media strategy
    • Content creation and curation for social media
    • Social media advertising
    • Understanding the basics of email marketing
    • Email list building and segmentation
    • Email copywriting and design
    • Email automation and analytics
    • Overview of PPC advertising and search engine marketing (SEM)
    • Setting up and optimizing a Google Ads campaign
    • Understanding ad targeting, bidding, and budgeting
    • Measuring and analyzing PPC campaign performance
    • Understanding the basics of content marketing
    • Content creation and curation strategies
    • Storytelling and brand messaging
    • Measuring and analyzing content marketing performance
    • Understanding the importance of data analytics in digital marketing
    • Setting up and using Google Analytics
    • Measuring and analyzing website and campaign performance
    • Creating effective digital marketing reports

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